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Engerius transform ideas into scalable and smart solutions that add real value to your business.

Mobile Apps

Our team connects conventional essential technologies and architecture with the unique logic of the app. Combined with a polished design and UI/UX an app becomes the one that reaches goals of our customers and wins the hearts of users.

To speed the app production and reduce the costs, we actively use cross-platform frameworks, using a single codebase for iOS and Android.

Custom Web Solutions

The Web remains the most open and flexible runtime available today. We ensure that web applications exceed users expectations in the mobile age, including accessibility and responsive design.

Create beautiful, fast and secure web applications tailored exclusively for your business goals. With Agile development, we maximize resource efficiency throughout the product lifecycle.

Post-development Support

After the project is delivered, we will secure its continuous quality and support incremental improvements. Whatever you need after the project is delivered, we are there to make that happen.

We are ready to correct any outstanding bugs, resolve potential security issues, and make small adjustments depending on your needs, ready for your future growth.

Our Development Process

We got you covered with a scalable and effective solution. From discovery to the development.

  • Requirements & Milestones

  • Designing & Wireframes

  • Sprint Planning

  • Development and MVP

  • Beta Testing

  • Final Release

Our Skillset

Adding the right pieces to your tech stack is a key part of making your project a success.


React Native





Ruby On Rails

Amazon Web Storage

We have everything you need to build and keep up your product and make sure it gets noticed.

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Telegram bot, web application and mobile Android and iOS app that redefines language speaking practice experience. The easiest way to find a speaking partner from around the world and level up your English, Spanish or other language in no time. The whole application was developed on a turnkey basis: from UI/UX design and back-end to different front-end implementations starting from a telegram bot and finishing with a native mobile applications.

Tech: React Native, Reanimated, ASP.Net Core, Redux-Saga, Sentry



“Electronic Planning/control Department Operations”, the complex factory management system with a goal to modernize all labor operations with enterprise resource planning. With a very tight budget and terms, we created a highly customized web app with a spreadsheet and planning timeline, tightly integrated with the factory systems to eliminate downtime and efficiently utilize all resources available.

Tech: React, Next.JS, Ag-Grid, ASP.Net Core, Redux-Saga, Sentry



Mobile (Android and IOS – React Native) app for the private members community for creators, innovators and thought leaders to gather, work and connect. Open the door lock using NFC, reserve spaces and restaurants, manage your meetings, peek through the events and connect with fellow members: everything is in your palm. The app was built from scratch based on the client’s UI/UX design and integrated with various 3rd-party vendors to provide door unlock, booking and membership functionality.

Tech: React Native, Apollo, GraphQL



Mobile (Android and IOS – React Native) app for the luxury hotels and resorts chain with the spaces designed to bring the outdoors in. Highly modular, it allows the client to create and update UI pages on the server from the preconfigured blocks and then serve it right to the app to create personalized user experience. Multiple integrations with the hotel services allow the user to manage his hotel stay starting with the check-in flow, continuing with door unlock with a phone, adjusting the atmosphere in a room with AC, curtains and lights control, using the phone as a TV remote and ending with housekeep requests and live chat with the front desk.

Tech: React Native, Reanimated, Apollo, GraphQL, AWS

Manheim Express

Manheim Express

The project is dedicated to the development of an innovative product for the transport industry. The product is specially designed to provide car sellers with specific recommendations how to price vehicles most accurately, how to recondition the vehicles and how to best distribute them across physical wholesale auctions. With more than 40,000 auto dealer clients across five continents, Cox Automotive strives to understand users’ needs by pairing their insights and research with their business goals – delivering inspired results to bridge the gap between consumers, manufacturers, dealers and lenders at every stage of the automotive experience.

Tech: React Native, Redux, Flow, Jest, Realm-js



Mobile (Android and IOS – React Native) service for parking. It makes parking easier, cheaper and quicker. It uses native modules for geolocation and maps which creates a great navigation experience. The goal was to rewrite all code from Cordova and Backbone to React Native and Redux along with UI and all business logic.

Tech: React Native, MobX, Geolocation, Maps, Redux-Saga



Mobile (Android and IOS – React Native) app for a major Radisson Hotels branch in London, Manchester and Hampshire to assist users with check-in, in-room dining, and housekeeping requests. With a very tight deadlines, our team delivered the front-end consisting of 60+ screens and back-end integration part of the app in a three weeks.

Tech: React Native, Reanimated, Apollo, GraphQL, AWS


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Engerius combines deep practical and business experience that lets us be on the same wave with any type of partner.

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  • Post production Support

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